Friday, July 15, 2016

It's a Celebration Weekend!

We unloaded the kiln yesterday, in the midst of 90+ degree heat. I had an order that needed to ship before the post office closed, which meant we couldn't delay the job until evening. Overall we had some nice pots. A couple of spots in the kiln didn't get enough reduction. The frustrating thing was the shino glaze on two pots, on the same shelf looked completely different. One reduced just fine, the other, meh. The joys of making pottery!

I was pretty happy with these two...

They will both be available to purchase at our 6th Anniversary Open Studio Celebration tomorrow. I can't believe we opened shop in Seagrove 6 years ago! It's been a wild ride and the time has flown by. There will be pottery demonstrations throughout the day, and refreshments to enjoy. We will be open from 10-5, so stop in for a visit. Our annual sale tent will be out in the yard. Under the tent you will find some nice seconds and other good finds at fabulous prices.

505 E Main Street, downtown Seagrove - next to the big red barn.


  1. beautiful and I love the contrasting rim

  2. Gorgeous green and good luck with the open studio!

  3. As I said on FB they are both so beautiful I can't choose.
    Toes crossed for an excellent sale. One of these years I will visit Seagrove!

  4. Wow!! Those are just stunning and I am sure they are gone! Hope the sale was wonderful!!


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