Saturday, July 9, 2016

It's Official!

Seagrove is the Pottery Capital of the USA!

The town of Seagrove unveiled a beautiful new welcome sign that visitors will see when they exit the highway, coming in to town. There are actually two signs, another on Pottery Highway 705, as you enter town from the opposite direction.

Last fall Seagrove elected Mayor David Fernandez, who also happens to be a potter in town. He has been instrumental in making a lot of things happen here. Along with the new signage, we have large planters, pots, and a pretty concrete table with benches in the downtown area. Then there is also the alcohol referendum that passed last month. It's so nice now to go into the local market and buy a bottle of wine to go along with the fresh salmon that you purchased for dinner. 
Now that's what I call progress!


  1. I've not seen this sign yet, but have passed the other one. I've noticed the pretty planters, but not the table & benches. I'll have to keep my eye out for it. Good changes!

  2. That’s terrific. It sounds like that new mayor is doing a lot of good for Seagrove.


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