Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Splendor

Despite the relentless heat, we are still enjoying the fruits of summer. 

Last night was a simple dinner of fresh tomato pie and "zoodled" zucchini. The tomatoes came from Latham's Pottery. Along with making pots, they grow and sell a variety of fresh vegetables, berries, and honey. I chose my favorite plate for this meal... a beautiful soda fired one, created by Tom White. Tom will be at the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair next week. We are usually in the same tent. I long to own one of his butter dishes. I regret not purchasing one of his "church and steeple" butter dishes many years ago. I had the extra cash then but waffled on the purchase... one of these days.....

This evening I cut some flowers from our front yard garden. A mix of zinnias, cone flower, lavender, catnip, and yarrow. I had the perfect vase for them. A wood fired gem that was a gift to JZ and I from my good friend Andy Hampton. I love this vase. It was a gift given during a very difficult time. I think of Andy, his wife Mim, and their generous spirit every time I use it. Andy will also be at the fair. His booth is always as amazing as his work.


  1. tomato pie, never heard of it, what are the orange flowers ? must be a variety of zinnia, love the arrangement and I noticed that plate right off

    1. Tomato pie is southern thing. Really yummy, not very healthy! Layers of tomato & basil in a pie shell... topped with a cheese and mayo mixture, then baked.
      Yes, the orange flowers are zinnias. I love their shaggy look.

  2. I almost posted pictures of our garden lunch today! I love this time year, such a feast and for the eyes too!! Beautiful pots and the potters who make them are just the best of any seasons fare!!


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