Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back to Work

We had to get right back to work as soon as we got home from New Hampshire. There were orders that needed to be fired and thankfully the pots were already bisqued and some were even glazed. After a day of glazing I was exhausted. I thought I was suffering from travel lag, but then the sneezing started. The next day I realized I had a damn summer cold. A big thank you to Jeff for giving me a break and loading the kiln on his own.

Yesterday we unloaded. I was pretty happy with how these mugs turned out. Jeff already claimed one for himself. The rest you will find in my Etsy shop.

And I finally fired a sheep that I made many months ago!

I have been doing light duty for the last few days and I am mostly feeling better. I dislike being under the weather, but at least I have gotten a lot of reading done. I will be back to assembling piggy banks tomorrow.


  1. Stuff looks terrific…and I hope the stuffed nose soon goes!

  2. Summer colds suck! Neat mugs and a sweet sheep!

  3. Sorry you've been under the weather, but glad you're feeling better. Hope you read some good things.

  4. oh those sheep I love them, try that wellness forumla it really does help you get well quicker or forestall illness if taken soon enough

  5. I love the mugs with their nice pulled handles and the blue splash down the sides. They would be a very happy addition to life, and coffee or tea drunk from them would taste better! Hope you are over the sneezing and summer cold. I tell myself that such things must be good for the immune system...., but it is hard to forgive a cold for turning up in the summer time!

  6. Bummer, colds suck.
    The mugs and the sheep look great. I hope you’re feeling better soon and can make more pots.


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