Saturday, August 6, 2016

It Was A Struggle...

but we made it to New Hampshire. We realized on Tuesday that there was no way we were going to have our trailer packed and be ready to hit the road early enough to drove eight hours to Hazleton, PA., the half way point to Newbury, NH. Mid-afternoon we made the decision to finish packing, sleep for a few hours and drive straight through. Jeff has a vessel sink with accessories in the "Living with Craft" exhibition at the show this year. It needed to arrive before the day ended on Wednesday.
We hit the road at 2:45 am, which should have put us in Newbury by 4:30 pm.

Boy were we wrong! We had to stop and repair the trailer, somewhere in Virginia. Then we hit multiple traffic jams along the way... and we weren't even on 95! We like to take 81 because there is usually fewer delays.

 We arrived in Vermont, just as the sun was setting. We needed a pit stop and pulled into this rest area. I think it's the prettiest rest area I have ever stopped at. I would have liked to linger but was still had about an hour and a half left to go.

Since we knew it was too late to deliver Jeff's work, we stopped for dinner and then drove to Mt. Sunapee Resort to leave our trailer in the lot for the night. The plan was to come back at 8:00 am, when the office opened and deliver the display. Since it was 10:00 pm and we were coming back early, we just dropped the trailer at the far end of the giant lot and left to spend the night with friends.

This is what we came back to in the morning...
Yep, this guy had the whole big lot to park in and he chose to park next to our trailer... obviously blocking us in.
Do you think he could have found a different spot in the lot?? It took us about an hour to find him and move his truck. 
Once we delivered the sink, I was able to take a look around to see what else was in the exhibition. I immediately fell in love with this conk shell light. I am not 100% sure what it's made of but it appeared to be a paper fiber and copper. 

I am sure it's way out of my price range!

Despite the obstacles, we set up our booth in record time. The show opened today. The crowd was steady, and spending money. If the next three days go as well, Jeff and I will be very happy campers.


  1. Sometimes a difficult start heralds an awesome show, I hope that is true!

  2. Toes crossed for empty crates and boxes by mid-week!
    Wish I could be there!

  3. You had a lot of struggle to get there, and I'm hoping you have enough joy that you can soon forget it.

  4. glad you made it safely, Gary is looking at your trailer photos and said there is a tongue jack wheel mechanism you can add to make the trailer able to pivot to manually move it. I thought that shell was pottery, lol. Hope you have lots of sales


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