Friday, September 2, 2016

Heat Work

 Yesterday was spent prepping pots and loading the kiln to fire a bisque. The weather was no different from any other day this summer... hot and muggy. Our kiln is in the sun, great for winter loading, lousy during the heat of summer.

There are several "out of control" California Jasmine bushes at that end of the house. They are in full bloom and their scent wafted over us as we worked. At first it was pleasant, then it almost became too much. We spent a day last fall cutting these back. It looks like we will be doing the same again in a few weeks. Everything in North Carolina grows like crazy.
Our outside work ended at 4:30 pm with a thunderstorm and a good dose of much needed rain. The rain brought cooler temperatures, but the humidity is still here. Today we will finish loading the kiln and fire a long slow bisque. Next week we will load her up again to glaze fire.


  1. Glad you got all that greenware loaded before the hit here too about then, and I walked from studio to my car and got drenched! That looks like the white flowers that I posted that are growing everywhere around here. Glad to know what it is.

  2. Let's hope the heat and humidity are on their way out. I'm sure enjoying the rain and cooler temps today.

  3. We are having it quite cool now, but back up to super-hot soon, whoa….


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