Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pottery Buddy

After a few days of much needed rain, we had a beautiful sunny day. Perfect timing to prepare greenware for a bisque firing. While I was giving some pots the kitchen scrubby treatment, a green anole crawled on to the sponge holders.

He was a brave little guy and hung out with me for quite awhile.

Occasionally, if he thought I was getting a little too close, he hopped from the shelving unit to the stand that holds the bricks for the kiln door. 

I have been in North Carolina for over six years now, but I am still fascinated by these charming lizards!


  1. I love the anoles! Tell me you talk to them too :o)

  2. WOW, those things just wander around? Hope he stays out of the kiln and glad he isn't a snake!

  3. aw, how special, I miss those and the turtles from Florida.

    1. I guess since you are near the mountains it's too cold for them.


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