Thursday, September 15, 2016

Putting the Parts Together

Last night, while I slaved over a hot stove, Jeff slaved over the wheel making pig bodies. I guess neither one of us was really slaving... I typically enjoy cooking and Jeff LOVES to throw pots.

We usually use our recycled clay to make piggy banks. I like to extrude tubes to make the legs and ears. It's easier to measure the parts out and keep some consistency in the end product. Since we haven't pugged clay in a few weeks, these pigs will be made fresh clay. I have a die for the pug mill that I use for extruding tubes. When I have fresh clay, I get out my Kemper clay gun to extrude the tubes. 

The gun came with a couple of dies and a couple of blanks to make your own. I have to admit that the only thing I have ever used this clay gun for is piggy bank parts. Aside from extruding handles (which I am not fond of) I think this clay gun isn't worth purchasing. 

One of my complaints is that the plastic disc that pushes the clay is poorly designed. The screw always comes off and I usually have to put it back together in between reloading with clay. You might also be able to see in the photo that the disc is cracked. It's been like that for a number of years. So far it hasn't affected it's working capabilities, but I am wondering if I can order a replacement part.

I am writing this post while I wait for my parts to firm up a bit. If you read yesterday's post you know that we are working with a very wet batch of clay. If I use these parts straight away, I fear my pigs won't be able to stand up on their own little legs!

If your needing a pig, there a few nice ones in my Etsy shop that are waiting for new homes...


  1. I was just making a pig of myself Monday after two days of shows.

  2. I haven't made but one or two pigs...I figure yours are the best!

  3. I have a tone of clay paraphernalia that I don't seem to use, maybe time to divest myself of some of it, but then again just when you think you don't need it is when you wish you had it. One of my classmates in college make an extruder out of PVC and I can't remember what he used for the die, perhaps pvc also.


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