Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Throwing, Handling, Carving

Monday there were pots to ship and took up the entire day. I was really happy to be back to clay work on Tuesday. I had mugs to carve and I was getting worried that they may have gotten too dry. I don't like carving dry pots. It's hard on the fingers and not good for the respiratory system.

I had wrapped them well on Sunday and some were still a little too soft. Once unwrapped, the air conditioner took care of that situation quite quickly. This last batch of Highwater clay is soft like baby sh$t. A total pain to throw and even worse for pulling handles. That's why I prefer using our recycled clay. I can get it to the consistency that I like. 

 I had one mug that was very distorted after coming off the wheel. I decided to try creating a version of Jeff's squared mug. This is definitely not my forte but I had fun trying!


  1. If I accidently whack a mug on the wheel, I accidently whack it 3 or 4 more times. Usually better than trying to fix them.

  2. You have certainly been busy. I like the square mug; a little experimentation keeps you on your toes!
    Will these be in your ETSY shop?


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