Friday, October 14, 2016

American Craft Week Continues - Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wood Fired Teapot by Jeff Brown

The Seagrove Potters have been celebrating American Craft Week, which is actually the first two weeks in October. This is the last weekend of events and with good weather predicted, it should be a great time to get out and explore Seagrove. Lot's of studios are offering demonstrations and workshops. We will be serving Korean, Japanese, and Chinese teas throughout the day. Guests will experience the joy of serving and drinking tea from handmade wares. Jeff has a nice selection of Asian inspired teapots and tea bowls available for purchase.

There are also some new cheese stones in the gallery.

And of course there are some nice pots with the ginkgo leaves.


  1. beautiful, love the ginkgo bowl, not sure from the angle if it is a casserole, plate or bowl

    1. Thank you Linda, it's a baking/serving dish.


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