Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pigs and Plants

My new piggy bank design came out great!

I am excited to offer a new option. It also keeps the fun in the making when you can mix things up a little. This design will look nice whether it's personalized or not.

Outside the pottery, I was totally surprised that one of our yucca plants bloomed this week!

We had yucca's at the log cabin that never bloomed. This plant is one of a group at the end of our driveway. Jeff cleared the area of brush awhile back, maybe that helped. I also read that they need a special type of moth to pollinate them. There were lots of caterpillars and moths this year, perhaps we had just the right kind. It would be sweet if all of them would bloom.


  1. Neat! I noticed a 12 apostles lily blooming this week, and the asparagus has been sending up new spears. The weather is a bit odd, I guess, but I'm enjoying having so many things blooming still.

  2. How beautiful the yucca flowers are, like something out of a tropical paradise! Your piggy banks are lovely too!


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