Saturday, December 31, 2016


The week between Christmas and New Years Day is a strange one. It seems we don't know what day it is and we fall out of our usual routine. The other day Jeff said he felt like a retired person. Work a little bit on this or that, take a break, get started on something else. We have used this time to catch up on things that were let go over the busy season. I cleaned the carpet in the den and then did a thorough dusting. I did such a such a good job that when I switched on our lovely wagon wheel light, it flipped the circuit breaker. Evidently some of the wire covers were very brittle and my super-duper cleaning exposed some wires. It was time for the fixture to go! We were gifted a ceiling fan with a light some months ago so it was time to install it. I was shocked that Jeff actually knew where we had stored it... under the bed! If I am missing anything, I should always look there first.
It took way longer than planned but it's done. 

This is the wagon wheel. It has little copper pan "hats" that fit over the globes. I snapped this photo before we moved in and later found the "hats" in a drawer. I almost tossed them, not knowing that they went to the light fixture!

Here is the updated look. Sophie is afraid of it. She has never liked ceiling fans. Jeff thinks it has a science fiction look. I have dubbed it the "eye" from War of the Worlds.

In between the cleaning I accomplished a few things in the studio. I finally finished this vase that I started weeks ago. Mugs are waiting for handles, a new batch of sponge holders are drying. Jeff has multiple vessel sinks in progress.

Friends will arrive tomorrow evening to ring in 2017. We will have plenty of food and drink, if your in the neighborhood stop in. I will fix you a fancy cocktail. 



  1. Happy New Year to you & Jeff! That's a pretty cocktail. Love the towel too!

  2. Happy new year y'all! Enjoy your cocktails!

  3. At least the chandelier did not fall down in the middle of dinner or some such. (Yes, it did happen to friends having a dinner party. It landed in the middle of the table, fortunately no people or food was hurt, but it sure made for some interesting conversations!)
    Here's to 2017, a year of hope!


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