Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Always Open to New Ideas

Last year I had a couple of requests for sugar pig dispensers. Last week I took a couple more orders, except this time people wanted them for candy jars! They are perfect for that, and I hadn't evern thought of it. If you keep candy on your desk at work, people can pour out their portion without getting their hands all over the candy... much more sanitary! Ok, so yeah... I am sort of germ freak.
These sweet little pigs will also be a perfect Valentine gift, filled with conversation hearts, or M&M's. How about Skittles? If you are into that super sugar buzz. Do Skittles do that to you? Or is it just me?


  1. That is a great idea for folks with candy at work. A nice photo too. Never being much of a candy person, I don't believe I ever tried Skittles.

  2. Great new use for a pig!
    Really like the idea of no hands in the candy jar!
    I'm the woman who wipes down her shopping cart at the market! :-D


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