Tuesday, January 31, 2017


 Last week we were just about out of Highwater Aurora clay. We called our local supplier on Friday to say Jeff was coming to pick up some clay and materials, only to find out Aurora was out of stock. Two weeks before it would be in stock again. Yikes! We have sink orders to fulfill and this is the clay we need for them. Jeff got on the phone with Highwater, in Asheville, NC and they said they could get it to us by Tuesday. The cost difference was negligible... just a few dollars, and it would be delivered to our door.
What we didn't know was that UPS would deliver in an 18 wheeler! The driver was great and he was able to back into our long driveway.

We must have been the next to the last delivery, because the big truck was just about empty. The driver was very helpful in getting our clay and glaze materials unloaded. In no time he was on the road again, and Jeff was back to making sinks.


  1. You're lucky there, in the uk most drivers are not allowed to load or unload!

    1. That's typically the case here too. This guy didn't get off the back of the truck, but he pushed everything forward for us and it was a big help.

  2. Glad the truck delivery went well. We've had all manner of mishaps with trucks in our drive.


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