Friday, January 6, 2017

Hunker down... snow is coming!!

Our friends Bonnie and David always bring us some poinsettias on New Years Eve. They are beautiful and from a nursery in Greensboro. Typically I would bring them in the house and place them on our fireplace hearth. After the poison plant debacle with Sophie this fall, I am not taking any chances! They aren't as poisonous as the dieffenbachia and she has never bothered with them in the past, but she seems to have become a plant eater in her old age.

Things are moving along in the studio. I had a friend ask me to replace a spoon rest, so I figured I may as well make a bunch. We don't make them on a regular basis. I probably should. They are quick to make and usually quick to sell. I make them so that they can also be used as either trinket or soap dishes too.

The holiday's must be a time for breakage! A customer contacted me to say she broke her favorite mug. It's a simple, loosely thrown design, with flower stamps. I hadn't made this style in quite awhile. The ginkgo leaf carving sort of took over most everything I make. I was happy to make her one and then some. It's nice to work in a looser style every now and then.

It's raining now, but we are expecting a change over to snow this evening. We could get a significant amount, for North Carolina. At least we won't have to do much shoveling. The temps will be back in the 50's by Wednesday. 
This is the last time I experienced lots of snow. A visit to New Hampshire in October of 2011. I think we had close to two feet. We aren't expecting that much tonight...............THANKFULLY!


  1. Yes, there's snow, and it's still coming down here (8:30 am Sat). Even though I know it won't last, I also know that there will be 2 full days of enforced cabin-bound incarceration. I'm a wimp!

  2. I think your snow is coming straight up the cost to us. WGBH is saying pup the eighteen inches in parts of Mass. Toes crossed for less here on the coast!


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