Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Work Cycles

I am feeling good that we have completed the first work cycle of 2017. The first glaze firing of the year is cooling. Today we are back to making pots. The last few days were a whirlwind of activity. On day one the bisque kiln was unloaded (while it was still quite warm!), pots were rinsed, waxed, and under-glazed as needed. The next day we glazed and loaded. We worked into the the night, with me leaving for a couple of hours for a town zoning board meeting. I am not sure how that happened, by I have been on the board since last summer. After a quick dinner break, Jeff finished up with the kiln and bricked up the door. He decided to light it and fire overnight.

I went to bed at 12:30.
He's a night shift sort of guy... I am not.

During the less intense cycles of pottery making, I try to cook things that will feed us for a couple of meals, ideally something I can freeze for later. Last night it was great to heat a baking dish of stuffed shells for dinner. We were both too pooped to cook! On the weekend we enjoyed chicken tikka masala, that was leftover from earlier in the week.

Sophie cat takes it all in stride. As long as she gets her three meals a day and has Jeff's lap for a few minutes in the morning, she's a happy girl.

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  1. New year, New work, dinner can be such a pain some nights. I long some nights for some choice close by.Our fall back usually has beans included.


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