Thursday, April 22, 2010

too much to do... too little time

clay work has come in bits and pieces the last couple of weeks... i am on jury duty this month and it falls on the days that i work in the studio... i did get some more glazing done and also finished a few things that were in progress... like these two bowls...

the one in foreground has experimental handles. the handles are rather free-form and each one looks different.  not sure if they will work but i had fun experimenting!
we are having some nice spring weather in new hampshire.  i took this pic from the kiln shed yesterday.  it was early evening during a fast moving rain shower.

this is an interesting barn out behind the studio... it is hard to see in the picture, but the rectangular window on the left side is some really cool bulls-eye glass.
i am really looking forward to saturday.  if things go as planned i will have a whole day in the studio

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