Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Linda left a comment about slump molds on my last post so i decided to snap some pictures of the ones i have been using.
in the background are two of the molds i have... one is a square the other hexagonal.  i can't remember where i purchased them from but i do know they were made in Canada.  i also have two square dish shapes that my friend steve made for john.  i wish i had multiples of each shape, it would be much more efficient.
when the weather is dry i can form them in the morning and pop them out by late afternoon/early evening... but when it is humid they need to sit about 24 hours.  i believe these molds are made of pine.

here are some of the plates that i have finished and textured...sometimes i add little feet underneath, but these i have decided to leave flat.  the lower left dish was made using a kiln post for a form... i think i am going to like how that one turns out.
jeff has a slab roller that is missing some parts... some day we will order what's needed and these will go together much more quickly. for i now i use a combination of a rolling pin and throwing the slabs by hand... i suppose it's a good skill to master but i have to admit that i am always looking for an easier way to work!


  1. Thanks for posting this, that hexagon is really great and love the square textured plates you just made. and the kiln post - I need to start looking around here again and see what I've got, how creative you are.

  2. Ooh, molds are so cool lookin. I really like those angular ones you have. Like manequins (<--sp?)

    Heya, how bout one handwritten post this week? What do ya think? Pass it on

  3. i am definitely going to do that ben... let's see how far it can go!

  4. Oh girl! I used to make those dishes with the rolling pin/throwing the slab thing, you gotta get a slab roller!
    I got a table top portable Northstar for not a whole lot of money, thanks to a Raku workshop that helped pay for it. It is the best tool in my workshop, love my roller! I like the way you make these with the stamps in the center, very nice! I also liked the feet on the smaller ones you made.

  5. My students are making square ones for their show in three weeks. They are the exact shape of your square one.

  6. We were talking about rollin' out a bunch of slab on the Bailey...we need to get a drive board, and a small part that goes in the handle, before we can use it.


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