Monday, April 25, 2011

visitors from the 603

we had a fabulous weekend with our friends Paul and Jennifer Haig.  Paul is a potter and you may have read the post i did about him last month.  they visited lots of potteries in two days and i think they were on pottery overload by saturday night!

Paul checking out the kiln at the NC Pottery Center

Jen making her selections at Dean and Martin

Paul exploring the kiln at Johnston & Gentithes

friday evening we had bbq with all the fixin's.  Jeff Dean and Stephanie Martin joined us.  it was pouring rain outside so we had to eat indoors.  we were so busy cooking and chatting up a storm that i never thought to get my camera out until everyone had left and the dishes were washed...

anyone want to guess the makers?

we had such a great time and look forward to more visits from Jen and Paul and the rest of our NH family and friends.


  1. Donna Craven, Mark Hewitt, Allison McGowan?

    Hope you made it to Jugtown!

  2. There are so many great potteries in Seagrove, I am sure you all had a blast. Sometimes I take lots of photos and other times I completely forget.

  3. Thanks so much for having us...we had a great time Saturday night. So glad we had a chance to meet Paul and Jen and talk pots.

  4. Jennie - the dotted bowl is Donna Craven and the two tumblers in the back are Hewitt. No Allison McGowan in the there.

  5. John Glick square plate maybe?

  6. yes Tom... the plate to the right of the Donna Craven bowl is John Glick. It's actually an oval but hard to tell from the photograph. i was thinking someone might guess the cup in front of it...


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