Tuesday, November 15, 2011

flour tortillas, hot off the skillet

i planned to make chicken quesadillas for dinner last night and thought i had everything i needed... chicken, cheese, black beans, corn, flour tortillas... damn! there was only ONE tortilla in the bag. i have always wanted to make flour tortillas but this was really not the time. we have so much going on here with the celebration coming up this weekend.
i did a quick search online and found that most recipes call for lard. now lard is something that i don't keep on hand... i am not a fan of cooking with animal fat! i found a recipe that used vegetable oil and decided to give it a try. most of what i read on line said that without lard the tortillas tend to be dry and not very pliable. the dough mixed up quickly and they were really easy to roll out...

i used my cast iron skillet to cook them... you don't add any oil or butter to the pan...

and the finished product!

absolutely yummy and looking beautiful in my Ron Philbeck plate.
so long story short flour tortillas are easy to make and taste so much better than store bought. i slipped what was left in a ziplock bag and stored them in the fridge.
here is link to the recipe i used (i cut it in half and it made 5 tortillas)
Homemade Flour Tortilla Recipe

even thought i had no trouble rolling them out or folding them up, i just might give them a try with lard since most recipes call for just a small amount...

that's enough about food and blogging for today...
i have pots to glaze and a kiln to load!


  1. I use to make them back in the day before you could buy them here- I really like the corn ones homemade so much better than sore bought- but for ease and being lazy I do buy them now.
    A million years ago I made them all from scratch for my brothers wedding- I must have been young and crazy!

  2. i definitely want to make corn ones next... and Meredith, do you use lard in yours?

    you were definitely young and crazy to make enough tortillas for a wedding!

  3. those look delicisous. young and crazy indeed, I was just thinking what I used to do from scratch and now it all seems so much work and there seems to be so little time.

  4. Good recipe; I'm going to give them a try. Lard is on the shopping list.


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