Monday, December 26, 2011

great minds think alike...

We had a Daniel Johnston & Kate Waltman Christmas. Jeff gave me one of Kate's casseroles and I presented Jeff with a Daniel vase. A pottery couple gives gifts to each other from another pottery making couple! Inside the casserole were beautiful earrings by Rick Elkin. I am feeling spoiled (and enjoying it!)

Christmas eve was very merry for us... especially after a couple of pomegranate martini's...

It's back to the studio for us today. There are vases waiting to be trimmed, slipped and carved. Maybe I will experiment with some new designs.


  1. How cool to get pottery from a pottery couple; and those martinis look so festive.

  2. Cool that you both know each other so well that you buy the from another couple. Beautiful work!

    P.S. My verification word is cating. Is that a definition of finding/hunting new cats?


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