Sunday, March 9, 2014

Heading North

My mind has been preoccupied, therefore I have had nothing to blog about. I can't say that I have gotten much work done either. I have spent a lot of time worrying about my parents in New Hampshire. Last week my sister Anita had to go back to work and my parents were alone for the first time since the accident at the end of February. They have lots of support, my aunts and uncles are nearby. A nurse comes nearly everyday and there are physical and occupational therapists a few times a week. Anita took a day off to take them to an appointment with the surgeon that will eventually do the skin grafts. Despite all the support, they had a tough week. Dad isn't sleeping, my Mom had quite a bit of pain, and was sounding grumpy when I called. When I got off the phone with her on Friday Jeff and I came to the conclusion that I needed to go. I will leave tomorrow, flying out of Charlotte, and spend a week. When I called to let them know I was coming my Mom was so happy she was crying. I made the right decision. No matter how much they sometimes (often) drive me crazy, I need to be there for them.
Last night Anita filled me on what to pack (light clothes, summer jammies, their apartment is 75 degrees!) warm clothes for going out (it's been in the single digits most mornings) and what to be prepared for as they are very particular in their old age. She also said that when I grocery shop, my Aunt Rita will stay with Mom and that Dad will tag along to the market... and will insist on pushing the cart. She said he is also a bad cart driver and you have to make sure he doesn't run over the other shoppers! We don't need anymore accidents.

The wonderful sister that she is, she left a bottle of wine in the fridge for me... she said I'll need it.

Jeff will stay behind and hold down the fort. He has been working on a large dinnerware order. I absolutely love it and I am hoping there will be a few extra pieces that will find their way into our cabinets. Large and small plates and mugs are done, as you can see. He is now making the flared rim soup/salad bowls, serving bowls, and a two quart casserole.
No internet access at  my parents. Since I only have a "dumb phone"I will be unconnected for most of the trip. Ya'll have a great week!


  1. GOOD LUCK !I know after my Mom quit going to the store and I went for her she had become very brand specific and it was hard to keep up with what brand of deli ham and what type and size chili powder etc.There will be difficult times during your visit but in the end you will be glad you did it and so will they.

  2. Have a good trip, I am sure you'll be glad you are going

  3. Thinking of you. I hope you have some special moments with your parents in spite of the difficulties. Really good that they have got the support that they have, and I hope the surgery goes well.

    I love the dinnerware that Jeff has been making, it is really beautiful.

  4. Good Karma,Michele, you won't regret the trip! travel safe and enjoy that wine :-). If I were doing this for my mom I would be taking Jose Cuervo along, ha!

  5. It is the right thing to do.
    Be safe, breathe.

  6. It does sound like you need to be there for them and for you. It's good that you're going.

    It's also a good idea to make extras when making a set. You know they sometimes get damaged in the firing. Of course you'll have to keep a few of the extras for yourself. They are beautiful.

  7. The dinnerware is lovely! I hope the trip is a good one for you.


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