Saturday, August 2, 2014

League of NH Craftsmen's Fair 2014 - Day One

Jeff and I had a great trip north. We actually left on time on Wednesday, drove a little over 8 hours that first day and arrived at Mt. Sunapee Resort in Newbury, NH a little after 2:30 pm on Thursday. The booth walls, pedestals, and lights, were up in about four hours. I think it was a record for us! Friday was spent securing shelves and unpacking pots.

We are really pleased with the booth this year. The freshly painted walls and additional lighting make a big difference. The fair limits wattage per booth. We are slowly switching to LED lights which gives us more lights at lower wattage. They are expensive up front, but worth it in the long run.
The fair attendance seemed up from the first day last year. I will know for sure tomorrow when they give us the daily stats. I am quite certain our sales were up. Lots of people spend two days at the show (there are 350 craftspeople) and in the past, Sunday has been better for us than Saturday.
and did I mention the weather? In the 70's and super comfortable... tonight I had to put on a hoodie.


  1. wonderful and your booth looks super

  2. The booth and display look terrific! Toes crossed for excellence all around!
    Now I'm missing the show!

  3. The lights really make it look inviting. I need to think about adding some to my booth.

  4. Your booth does look great. It sounds like a perfect show.


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