Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Update

I have a new book! Don't you love the 500 series from Lark? Last night was the Carolina Claymatters Guild, post holiday meeting/party. Everyone gets a ticket upon arrival and after dinner they draw numbers for prizes. Everyone goes home with something, either a new pottery tool or book. I was so excited to receive this book.

Before heading to the party, Jeff took down the door to the kiln. It wasn't as exciting as some firings, the majority of the shelves were filled with green and white piggy banks. This is our first wholesale order for UncommonGoods in NY. We didn't unload them all but so far they look great. I did manage to get a few new bowls in the kiln. I have made the altered rim bowls in the past, this is the first time that I incorporated the Korean stamps into them.

Today it's back to building piggy banks. Happy Sunday y'all.


  1. The bowl is wonderful, something calming about the creamy white and pale blue, oh I need to check out the sculpture book,

  2. I love the bowl, the wavy rim, and the embellishments. The glaze is really nice, the way it speckles a bit, and lets a little of the clay colour come through where the glaze is thin. Glad you had a good piggy bank firing!

  3. Very nice Michele! I've always been partial to blue an white.

  4. Beautiful bowls, they look terrific.


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