Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keeping Warm and Trying to Stay Productive

The arctic air has settled in to Seagrove, NC. It seems we spend a good part of our day trying to keep warm and making sure the pipes don't freeze. I was fascinated by how the faucet in the bathroom sink creates a bubble when it's on the slow drip.

We had a short snow squall late in the day on Wednesday. In just a half an hour, more snow fell than from the entire winter storm of the previous day.

The expected high for the day is 18 degrees. The low tonight will be 4. I think that may be the coldest I have experienced since moving south. I am really longing for Spring this year.

Studio work is slowly getting done. While I have been working on more square bakers and bowls, Jeff has been completing a wholesale goblet order. This time of year we are thankful for the wholesale work because we don't have too many people shopping in Seagrove. Temps will climb into the mid 40s & 50's by the weekend. I hope that will stir some shoppers out of hibernation.


  1. We are about the same temp here; I am finding being cooped up it's hard to motivate oneself, even though I have work I can do since my studio is heated the cold is slowing me down, the last two years have been the coldest since the 1800s I think weather is cyclical and hopefully next year we'll return to the norm of a few years back. if you have orders to fill I suspect that is a great motivator.

  2. Glad to hear you have wholesale orders for continued sales. Yes, cold is something that we're all dealing with. I've changed apointments, and go turn on the drier for a few minutes every few hours to heat up the laundry room where there's no heat at all, since those pipes can't continually drip. Servant to the pipes!

  3. Once again it is so cold that my ambition froze solid.

  4. We're looking at -16 tonight, This has got to change soon, we can't take much more!

    I'm hoping we can get a trip top Seagrove in sometime this year, never been there, I want to come in, buy a pot and see where the magic happens. If we could only get our own pottery life under control we could get out to see other peoples pottery lives!

  5. Your place looks pretty but this sh!t is DANGEROUS...

  6. Cold, cold everywhere! It was above freezing yesterday; down to 3 last night! It's supposed to be in the 40's and rain on Sunday. My! That should be interesting!
    Stay warm!

  7. I’ve been envying your wood stove this week, it’s much more romantic than a space heater if nothing else. Stay warm and safe.


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