Sunday, October 11, 2015

The end is in sight!

Remember back in 2010 we bought a school bus and moved south? Well, we still own that bus. It has sat in the yard for five years. We were neglectful school bus owners, and didn't keep starting it every week. Thankfully, Jeff did take the batteries out of it. Last week we had those batteries charged, and after bleeding the fuel line (we had it replaced shortly after it's last trip North) the beast started in no time at all! 

This news makes us very happy. The bus is loaded with all of our glaze buckets, chemicals, and assorted pieces of equipment. It can now make the one mile trip up the road. Once it's unloaded we will put it for sale on Craigslist. In the past we contemplated a mobil studio/gallery, but with the maintenance, fuel costs, insurance, it just doesn't seem like a wise financial endeavor. I would rather sell it and see the money in my bank account!
Today we will unload the trailer from our very wet, outdoor show, and pack it back up with more studio stuff. The rain has stopped, the weather is cooler. A good day for working.


  1. You could always turn turn the bus into a guest house :) if Wesley was still here, I would contemplate it for her......

  2. so glad you got the bus running with little trouble, did Gary's truck driver fix help? hope so; fingers crossed you sell the bus quickly, in Arkansas we sold a bus and they used it for a hunting bus and lots of folks are using them to convert into motorhomes, there is a website called the schoolies - I think you can advertise your bus on that site; you might check it out. the buses are very handy for moving, we've done it about four or five times in one. ha.

  3. I wondered what had happened to that thing :)

  4. Good job with the bus. I’ve thought about a mobile gallery also and weighed those costs. Of course the last time I sat in my booth in the rain the mobile gallery seemed like a better option. Hehehe.


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