Monday, March 20, 2017

Celebration of Spring in Seagrove

 We are getting some beautiful light in the studio in the late afternoon. I probably could have turned off the spot lamps and carved in the natural light.
Jeff and I are working on some collaborative pieces in preparation for the annual Celebration of Spring Studio Tour, here in Seagrove, NC. It's a great weekend to visit pottery country. Lots of demos, studio tours, and snacks to keep you fed throughout the day. Save the date:

April 22 - 23, 2017
Most shops will be open 10-5, with a few open earlier.
We will have tour maps at our gallery to start you on your way.

Michèle Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery
505 E Main St.
Seagrove, NC 27341


  1. WE will be open! Well, we are open now, haha, bring them on. Love the sun we are getting. It helps the body and soul.

  2. Those piece look beautiful. I hope you have a good show. I’d love to come to Seagrove for it but I have shows here in Atlanta at the same time.


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