Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Green and Shino

We unloaded the gas kiln on Saturday and I was really happy with a couple of green and shino bowls. I haven't done as much in this glaze combination this year, since I have become infatuated with ash glaze. This combination is time consuming because I have to wax the rims and then carefully pour out the green, without getting any drips onto the sides of bowl. Occasionally I have gotten some drips and have had some success with scraping off the green over the shino. This go around I had one drip that was problematic. I scraped it a little thin. Jeff hit on the idea of spraying a light coating of the ash glaze over the shino and it successfully covered the thin spot.

I had a lot of piggy banks in this firing. Many were orders but there were also some extras to have in stock in my Etsy shop. It would be good to be able to be ahead, the holiday rush will be upon us in no time.


  1. Good job to hear you can clean up drips over other areas. I have that problem since I'm not fast enough pouring out things...I see the pros do it so swiftly and surely. I'm a dribbler still!


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