Thursday, January 25, 2018

First Firing 2018

We have been glazing pots for our first glaze firing of the new year. The weather has put us behind this month. We should have fired this kiln a week ago. With the extreme cold and the recent snow, it just didn't get done on time. The majority of this kiln load is orders. So far everyone has been understanding about the delay. 
When the temperature is barely above freezing during the day, and dips into the 20's at night, we have to be sure that our kiln is loaded, door bricked, and ready to fire in one day. Pots can't sit in the kiln overnight when it's that cold. After we load today and brick up the door, we will look at the weather forecast and decide whether to fire all night or start in the morning. If it's not too cold we can turn a burner on low for a few hours tonight to keep some heat in there until morning.

I always start glazing sponge holders first. I think of it as a warm up exercise. It helps me get into the groove of doing my least favorite job.

There are about thirty piggy banks and salt pigs in this firing. I hope I got all the names with the right color combinations! I will have a few extras to put in the Etsy shop. It's always good to have a few that are ready to ship. Ideally I would like to have at least a dozen on hand. That is my goal for the next month.

On the home front, I actually took out the down comforter for the bed. I have rarely used it since moving to North Carolina. I am not sure who is enjoying it more, us or Sophie cat!


  1. Hope your glaze firing goes great. Sophie is such a pretty girl.

  2. The weather does not make one want to do anything but tay in and under the comforter. I always remind myself, this too will pass.


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