Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Time flies and I can't believe we have been working in this space for over two years. It's been difficult to manage getting our studio and gallery to where we want it to be and to continue making work to be able to pay the bills. Over the last six months we have bought new display shelving from IKEA, a little at a time. We would like to purchase two more shelf units and then we will move on to a vessel sink display, utilizing real cabinetry.
It all feels like baby steps!

Jeff and I have also been discussing what to do with the peeling paint on the trim and shutters on the outside of our home and studio. Scraping and painting seems daunting, and a task that has to be done every few years. Never mind the fact that most of it involves ladders and staging. Thankfully most of the house is brick! I am not a fan of plastic, but I am also not a fan of painting... I would love to be able to wrap the trim in vinyl and be done with it!
I think I better start making more piggy banks to pay for it.


  1. coming along very well indeed

  2. Great displays...IKEA did it again! They do look nice and sturdy.

  3. Love the display area! Is it part of the house?

    1. It was a carport, attached to the house. We were fortunate that it had partial brick walls with wood louvers between them and the roof. Made it very simple to insulate and close in. It now houses our gallery and studio.


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