Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Goodbye April, Hello May

April sure did fly by. It was a busy month for us with orders, Empty Bowls, and the Celebration of Spring Potter Tour. In between making pots we needed to clean up the studio, gallery, and yard.

I had it in my head for some time now, that I wanted a picnic table in the front yard. A place for pottery guests to rest or even have a picnic. As many know, dining in Seagrove is rather limited, but when the weather is good it's a beautiful area to picnic. We bought a picnic table kit from Lowe's. The price was right but it needed some elbow grease. Lots of sanding and then a coat of weather seal before assembling. When we were finished, we realized the seats are too low. The pre-drilled holes were an inch lower than they were supposed to be. Even with the extra inch the height would not have been great. Jeff is going to take it apart and drill new holes.

Next on my wish list is to hang a swing from this giant tree! They now sell a swing that comes with tree-friendly straps. Finding someone with a tall ladder (or a boom truck!) to hang it, is a whole other conundrum.

The Spring tour was successful. Our sales weren't any better than the previous year, but we sure had a lot of people through the gallery. At the end of the weekend we were happy and I got some work completed by giving carving demonstrations.

Today we are glazing and loading the kiln. If at all possible we will fire tomorrow.


  1. Spring, the reward for making it through the winter...

  2. you've got a lovely place now. it needs a bench!


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