Thursday, July 26, 2018

When it rains, it pours

When we moved to 505 E. Main we bought a used refrigerator on Craigslist. We needed something to get us by until we could afford a new one. Lowe's had a decent sale this month so we bit the bullet and bought this beauty...

It never arrived the day of the scheduled delivery. No one at Lowe's knew why it never got on the truck that morning. They would reschedule for six days later. On a good note they gave us an even better price for the inconvenience.

The new refrigerator was delivered a week ago Monday and we love it. Tuesday we woke up in the wee hours of the morning to a light flashing and a humming noise. Jeff jumped out of bed, thinking the house was on fire. It thankfully wasn't, but it was probably close. The plug on the condenser of our heat pump fried, which in turn caused, what I guess, was a power surge in the house that made our touch lamp flicker as well as burning out the power strip it was plugged into. When we called an HVAC company I was shocked that a tech arrived within an hour of the phone call. I was even more shocked when he said it was close to $3000 to repair or $8000 to replace it.
It's a 15 year old heat pump. Which is a heat pump's average life span.


We decided to get a second opinion. The second company came out right away too. The repair estimate was about the same. The first replacement quote was for a fancy Bosch unit, super efficient, ultra-violet air cleaner, all for the fancy price of $12,000. I wanted to say, "Look around this house dude, does it look like we can afford that?"
After some discussion we settled on a Rheem unit for the low, low price of $6,100. I still wanted to throw up. The unit was installed on Thursday, just before the humidity returned.
Thank goodness for interest free payment plans.

It's already looking dirty. Maybe when I clean the stainless on the fridge I should go outside and polish this baby too.

Before the heat pump expired we had also called our electrician to assess our old well pump so that we can use the well to water the garden, instead of town water... and to install an outlet for our window AC unit in the studio. This was the smallest cha-ching of the week, and the good news is our well pump seems to work fine and hopefully we will be able to start using it soon.

If we could have foreseen the future we never would have bought a new refrigerator. I just have to have faith that everything will work out in the end. Perhaps our electric bill will be a little lighter with the new appliances.
In the mean time I have to remind myself that we are more fortunate than many others. Money can be tight but we have roof over our head, food on the table, and generally good health.

Jeff and I like to take the time each day to enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds us. We really appreciate the land that we live on and call home.

If you look closely you will see my baby anole garden buddy. I have been watching him grow for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday I noticed he is getting a dark stripe on his back.

... and it really did rain here. The gardens are very happy.


  1. So thankful for the rain. I saw the tiniest anole I've ever seen in the garden a few days ago. It's a beautiful spot to live.

  2. Enjoy the new appliances. You only live once (or maybe a million times...)

  3. Whar’s going on? We just had to replace the well pump. And the stove is on it’s last legs. So happy we have the countertop convection oven.
    Enjoy all the new equipment. So very glad that the electrical failure wasn’t worse!

  4. No bill gets paid without anther turning up begging....
    We're still dry here


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