Thursday, August 9, 2018


I ate fried clams for brunch this morning.

They were calling me from the refrigerator and I thought, heck, I am in vacation mode and I can eat what I want.

We took Dad to Newick's Lobster House last night. The portions are huge and I brought home nearly half of my fried clams. He ordered baked scallops and ate them all! I was so happy to see him and his new nursing home digs. It's a great facility, super clean, nice decor, and excellent staff. Dad has adjusted well, and has gained over 10 pounds since he moved there. I like that I can now envision him in his environment when we talk on the phone. For the past 8 months all I could picture in my mind was the rehab facility he was in when he broke his hip. This place is much nicer and it should be, it costs a fortune to be there.

Today we are off to the farmers market to hopefully buy some fresh haddock for dinner. We have to keep up this "eating seafood everyday" challenge... let me tell you, it isn't hard.

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  1. So glad your Dad is in a good place...very important! Of course you'll be eating all the fresh seafood possible. I do that when I visit FL. Different fish lobsters! Have a good time vacation eating!


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