Thursday, April 4, 2019

"Decadent Pies"

I have been a little "under the weather" for a few days. For the first time in many years I have a head cold. Jeff came down with it first and then it was my turn. This morning I am feeling a little more human again. 

I was very excited to order new watercolor paints last week. I have had them in my Amazon wish list since February. Thanks to my bank card rewards, I received an Amazon gift card and decided it was time to put them in my cart and checkout. Of course the day they arrived I felt like crap and definitely didn't feel up to painting. But I was able to admire the packaging... and the names are wonderful. 

Watercolor Confections - Decadent Pies
Starry Colors

The day after they arrived I had to give them a go, even if I wasn't feeling great. I love the color palette of the "Decadent Pies". The colors are very harmonious and many have a beautiful shimmer to them.

The "Starry Colors" are a Japanese set of metallic watercolors. Great for accents and splatters, because who doesn't want a little more bling?!
I had a lot of fun with these small practice paintings. Watercolor paper is more affordable than Yupo so I am a little freer with it. But I still try not to waste anything. I will cut practice work up and turn it into greeting cards. I rarely buy a card anymore and I think that most people appreciate a handmade one.

I am heading back into the studio today. There are pots that need to be slip trailed and mugs to be thrown. Painting adventures will have to happen in the evening.


  1. I have to keep blogging into evening also. Glad you're feeling better. Keep up painting as well as clay work!

  2. One of your handmade cards would be a gift in itself, as lovely as your paintings are.


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