Friday, September 6, 2019

I made these sea fan dishes a couple of years ago, in anticipation of doing a raku firing. We never got around to that firing and I was tired of looking at them on the shelf. I had Jeff take them to a wood firing he was doing with our friend Paul. The small one on the left came out okay. Of course the underside is beautiful. The one on the right was very "dry". We re-fired it in the gas kiln last weekend and it looks much better.

I might put the small one in the next gas firing to give it a little more juice on the surface.

I have a larger one that may be a lost cause. It suffered some significant warping, which didn't surprise me. 

Here in central North Carolina we were spared any real affects from hurricane Dorian. We were thankful for some rain, we really need it. Our gardens are a little happier today. Jeff brought in this yellow watermelon the other day. The last one didn't have much flavor. This one is a little bigger and we hope a little tastier. I'll cut it open today for an afternoon snack. I'll let you know how it goes!


  1. We have challenges with melons here too. We grew a few decent ones last year, but didn't harvest any this year. I hope yours is delicious!

  2. Great that your little dishes are going through processes to be the way you want them...beautiful imprints of sea fans. Good luck on watermelon!


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