Saturday, February 13, 2016

Good Neighbors

This week we had new neighbors move in next door.

They are horses!

The big red barn has been used for storing hay in recent years. This week, the farmer that is leasing the property moved some horses to the barn.

I hope that they stay. Their fenced area abuts our land near the new kiln shed. What better company when firing a kiln than some beautiful horses. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

We Have A Kiln Shed!!

Our kiln shed was scheduled to be delivered today. The weather forecast predicted a slight chance of snow flurries. We were so afraid our delivery would be delayed. Let's face it, here in North Carolina, the mere mention of a snow flake and business comes to a halt. 

But that was not the case. Shortly after 7 am the truck arrived.

Two men, in 27 degree weather, got the job done by 9 am!

Jeff and I researched our options for a kiln shed. We could have built a stick frame shed with a metal roof, but the materials alone were more expensive than purchasing a steel frame carport and having it installed. It would have taken days for us to get a shed built... this was up in 2 hours. Later, as money allows, we will put side walls up on a portion of the shed. 

Let the kiln building begin!!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Events for Pottery Lovers

It's been a busy week here at 505 E Main St. We are packed and ready to head for the opening of "Treasures of the Earth" in Shelby, NC. Each year, the Cleveland County Arts Council hosts this show of local and regional potters. This year there will be 28 of us participating. The opening is at 5:30 this evening. If you are in the area stop in, visit with the artists, enjoy wine and hors d'oeuvres, while adding to your pottery collection.

Can you believe it's Valentine's Day this weekend? I feel like Christmas was just last week. To celebrate the day of LOVE, we will be offering some sweet treats this weekend. 

All the info for both of these events are in the sidebar of the blog. Right over there on the right.
Have a great day!