Monday, May 4, 2015

What did you eat for breakfast?

I am finally getting some photos from Jeff that aren't toilets and signs.

S. Korea is 13 hours ahead of us. While I was thinking about dinner, he sent me this photo of his Korean breakfast. All I could think of was, damn... I want that for dinner!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Elbow Grease

I am spending all of my spare time doing work at the house. The wallpaper in the main bath is stripped. Tonight I will start prepping the walls for paint. I should have taken a before photo. The wallpaper was quite ugly. I think I have settled on a very light gray paint color. I really dislike this whole window in a shower thing. What were people thinking back then?! I was shocked at how well the window cleaned up. It was pretty gross.

Along with the bathroom work, I have been taking out screens, hosing them down outside, and washing all the windows and sills. The house had been empty for many years, so you can imagine the amount of spider webs and crud that had taken over.

Eventually we will replace these pain in the ass crank out windows. We have a few broken pains that will need replacing. I am hoping it won't be too difficult (or expensive) to find someone to do it.
Doesn't the "indirect" lighting in the master bedroom remind you of a hospital? And how 'bout those bedside wall lamps?!

When Jeff returns from his trip we will tackle the job of stripping the kitchen cabinets. Some years back latex paint was applied over the oil based paint... it's peeling off like crazy. This job I am not looking forward to!

The lawn was looking like it was ready to be hayed, so I hired someone to mow this week. Everything is looking so green and pretty! We are definitely going to have to buy a riding mower.

While I slave away working on the house, making pots, manning the gallery, Jeff sends me this picture at 7:15 am...

It was 8:15 pm in S. Korea and this is the evening hang out for the festival participants. The 7-11 is next to the hotel and there is outdoor seating. They can go in and buy beer or soju and drink it outside.
The timing of this trip was definitely not ideal. Jeff could have declined the invitation but would it have jeopardized future invites? Thankfully we don't have to be out of the log cabin by a certain date. I know that everything will fall into place... eventually.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Photos from Japan

Jeff was in Mashiko this week and these are the only photos that I have seen so far...

I must have misunderstood, I thought he said this was a POTTERY trip, not a POTTY trip.