Monday, September 22, 2014

and the door is down...

Front stack, minus Jeff's re-fired tea bowls that he snuck out before the door was completely down (note empty space on bottom shelf).

The back stack... some wasted space at the top but we needed to get a sink order out as well as a few smaller orders. I haven't taken the big bowl out yet. I am waiting for Jeff to get home from his wood kiln stoking shift. I still try to baby my shoulder from extended reaches for heavy things.

I was holding my breath for this pig as a cow order. The last one came out HIDEOUS. The nuka glaze obliterated the lettering as well as the "pink" on the snout and inner ears... the black spots bubbled in many places, the underglaze was too thick.

 For the second attempt I applied white slip to the entire pig when it was leather hard. After it was bisque fired I applied the underglaze and then glazed the whole thing with Temple White. I slipped the pig because the Temple White glaze is translucent and would have made the pig look more gray than white.

I was excited but hesitant to take this piggy bank order. I thought it was a fun idea, but many underglazes burn out at ^10-11. I made it clear to the buyer that I don't electric fire and that I didn't have an underglaze that would fire to a true pink. I am happy with the final result. I hope that she is too.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Changing Seasons

We were enjoying some nice cool weather last week, so I headed to the market with a shopping list that included lots of ingredients for soup, chili, and casseroles. Of course when I got around to executing my plan, the weather got warmer and the humidity returned. So I turned on the A/C and started cooking.

The photo is of  creamy sweet potato soup... you can find the recipe HERE. I pretty much followed the recipe and it was quite tasty. Jeff isn't a fan of creamed soups, but he ate it and didn't complain! I did scoop some of the onions out before pureeing, then added them back in. I also cooked some extra bacon and added it directly to the soup. So there were a few solids in there.

I love the bowl in the photograph. We actually have FOUR of them! I think it's the only thing we have a matching set of. I owned one that I bought from Jeff many, many years ago at a potters market in New Hampshire. When we later moved in together he had three. So the bowls were reunited with their missing sibling and reside together once again. They are a perfect size and shape for a serving of soup or chili that you want to cradle in your hand. The lip turns in slightly and keeps everything from sloshing out... making it ideal to walk around with, which is how we often tend to eat lunch.

Today is kiln loading day. I am glad it feels a little cooler and less humid. Most of the glazing is done. I just have to help Jeff glaze a sink. We are hoping to fire this kiln today. I think it's going to be a late night.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Making it Big

 Jeff's been in the studio making big pots. We are excited to put some pots in David Stuempfle's wood kiln this week. Jeff also made a few large cache pots that I didn't get photos of before they left for the kiln. David fires slow and long and most of the pots will not be bisque fired.

I spent the weekend throwing some small bowls off the hump and then moved on to making rattle orbs. I am taking advantage of the Japanese maple tree while there are still leaves on it.
When I get the chance to wood fire, I make things for me. Not meaning that I will keep them, but rather I make things that I love to make with no worries about whether or not they will sell.
... but they usually do.