Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wrapping Up

Yesterday was the "big" pack and ship day. We unloaded the kiln on Tuesday night and most of it was orders or Christmas gifts. This year I had a lot of personalized piggy bank orders. I had my fingers and toes crossed that they all came out perfect. I breathed a big sigh of relief when they emerged.
Then it was the tedious part of putting orders together. Many of the "name" pigs were orders of two or more. I wanted to be sure I put the right siblings in boxes together! After packing one pig, I couldn't remember if I had put a cork in it's snout. I hadn't sealed the box yet, but didn't want to un-bubble wrap it, so I dropped a cork into the box just in case! If there was one in there already, they will have a spare.

Jeff and I did a few larger piggy banks this season. The white one didn't last too long in the Etsy shop but I do still have this big blue piggy bank (below), along with the regular size aqua/shino one (above).

Noon tomorrow (eastern time) is the deadline to order from my Etsy shop. At this point I will ship everything priority mail. The post office says you will get it in time for Christmas, but like most government agencies... there is no guarantee! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's my party and I'll cry if want too...

This weekend was our annual holiday open house. I cleaned and dusted the gallery, made some fall arrangements in vases with cuttings from around the yard, bought some holiday candy, and baked homemade brownies (no box mix for this girl!).

and nobody came.

Yep, you read that right...NOBODY came. I guess that's not entirely true. Late Saturday afternoon two couples strolled in, said they were just out looking, asked questions about the log cabin... and left. On Sunday we saw NO ONE.
So no one came to my party but I chose not to cry. The older I get I am a little more choosey on what I will shed tears over. In reality that fact that no one came was a probably a good thing. With the breakdown of our electric bisque kiln, we were a couple of days behind with firing orders. The weather was beautiful and we spent the day glazing and loading the gas kiln, and getting another load into the bisque. Jeff replaced the switch on the kiln and the bisque was firing until very early Sunday morning. Yesterday, the gas kiln was loaded by 5 pm and Jeff pulled an all nighter to get it done. We will unload Tuesday night and get everything shipped by Wednesday, just prior to the US Postal deadline for priority mail.
We are tired and looking forward to a couple of days with less pressure, and more sleep... and heck, we have brownies to eat!

Friday, December 12, 2014


Some of you may recall that sometime last month, a woman named EC posted on my blog that she bought a pitcher at a second hand shop in Rhode Island, with a JZ stamp on it. Upon researching the JZ , she found my blog and realized that the pitcher was made by John Zentner. I asked her to send me photos and she was very kind to do so.

This pitcher is definitely John's, because there is his chop below the handle. I am thinking it is very early work. I don't have anything that looks like this and I have some pieces going back to the 80's that he and Bill Van Gilder made when they were working together. I am thinking this is perhaps from the 70's.

Here are some pitchers that he made in last few years before he died. This salt glazed one sits on my counter and we use it everyday. It fills the steamer on the wood stove, carries hot water to the studio to fill our throwing pails, and has watered many plants. It's a beauty and feels so good in your hands.

I just love this little one. It's on a shelf in the living room and I most often use it for sangria or cheap jug wine. It makes the cheap stuff taste so much better.

I thought this was a good day to share these pitchers with the world. John died six years ago today. Each year is a little easier, but the holiday season has never been the same since 2008.
If you are a new blog reader you can read about our story here or here.

Thank you EC for sharing photos of JZ's work from the past. I am glad that his pitcher found you. I think it is in good hands.