Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Little Excitement

What started out as a quiet day, ended with a little excitement. It was around 5:00 and I had just finished scooping the cat box in the laundry room. Jeff was sitting at the counter in the kitchen checking e-mail. The lights over the counter flickered, went out, then came on. It happened quickly and I told Jeff that I heard an "electrical" buzzing noise and it sounded like it came from outside. Since the electrical panel is in the laundry room, Jeff feared it came from there. After inspecting the panel it seemed fine. We then realized that the A/C wasn't running. When we looked at the thermostat, it was blank... no read out. Nothing we did could make it come on. We figured there was a power surge and that the thermostat was fried. Jeff put a call into our electrician for advice and went back to work. I decided to go outside and water plants and that's when I saw it...

A power line had snapped and was laying across our driveway!

I called the electric company to report it. The strange thing was that we still had electricity... just no A/C. I decided to message my brother, who is an electrician in New Hampshire. I sent him photos of the line and he thought maybe it was the 220 line that was down. He had me check if my cook top and oven were working... they were dead too. He told us to shut everything in the house off because it could be trying to pull in more amperage than was available (or something like that!). We shut everything off except the refrigerator. 

Around 7:30 the power company arrived at the same time our electrician called back. They both said flip the main and shut power off to the house! In no time at all the line was repaired and our 220 appliances were working. Luckily nothing was fried when the wire broke.

During the chaos of our electrical crisis, I never went out to bring the gallery "OPEN" flags in. Much to our delight, we had a customer come in at 7:00 pm. After wrapping his pots, Jeff directed him out of the driveway so that he wouldn't cross over the live wires. Thankfully he managed to avoid them coming in.

I am hoping that's all the excitement for the week. I will leave you with a couple of piggy banks that came out of the kiln last week. If you need a pig, I have quite a few in stock right now. Clicking on the photo takes you to the Etsy shop.

Friday, July 15, 2016

It's a Celebration Weekend!

We unloaded the kiln yesterday, in the midst of 90+ degree heat. I had an order that needed to ship before the post office closed, which meant we couldn't delay the job until evening. Overall we had some nice pots. A couple of spots in the kiln didn't get enough reduction. The frustrating thing was the shino glaze on two pots, on the same shelf looked completely different. One reduced just fine, the other, meh. The joys of making pottery!

I was pretty happy with these two...

They will both be available to purchase at our 6th Anniversary Open Studio Celebration tomorrow. I can't believe we opened shop in Seagrove 6 years ago! It's been a wild ride and the time has flown by. There will be pottery demonstrations throughout the day, and refreshments to enjoy. We will be open from 10-5, so stop in for a visit. Our annual sale tent will be out in the yard. Under the tent you will find some nice seconds and other good finds at fabulous prices.

505 E Main Street, downtown Seagrove - next to the big red barn.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Following the Latest Trend...

...and it's not "bubble glazing" (as seen on facebook)!

It's the VEGGETTI... As Seen On TV!!!!
I know so many people that have one of these and love it. Since I have been gifted lots of zucchini this summer, I figured it was time I got one. With a 20% of coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond, I spent a grand total of $15.99 (plus tax & shipping).

We are always trying to get more veggies into our diet so I figured this would be a good way to help us achieve our goal. There was a little learning curve on use, and carrots are trickier than zucchini. What I wasn't expecting was to be left with these funny discs of veggies with attached tubes. Not one to be wasteful, I bagged them up and will chop them into a salad tonight.

Our maiden voyage with the Veggetti was to make "zoodles" from zucchini, along with some spiralized carrots. I sauteed them in the wok along with some shrimp and grape tomatoes. When the vegetables were just starting to soften I tossed in freshly made pesto, my first batch of the season.

It was absolutely delicious! Jeff and I didn't miss the "real" noodles at all. I am sure this little gadget is going to one those things that in 10 years we say, "Remember the zoodles craze?"