Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Digital Age and the Aging...

My parents, over the years, have often lamented that everyone takes pictures at family gatherings but they never get to seen them. The photos stay on peoples phones or computers, some are uploaded to facebook, but the older generation that aren't online, are often left out.

I decided to do something about that on Father's Day.

I created a journal, scrapbook, photo album, or whatever you want to call it... for my Dad.

 I incorporated art work with a few old photos, as well as more recent digital pics that he has only been able to view on someone's phone.

Many were from the last year that my mother was with us for family gatherings.

I included photos from his big adventure to North Carolina in 2016.

And his 90th birthday celebration!!!

Included with the journal was a glue stick so that he can add more photos and artwork.  I am going to encourage other family members to print some of those photos on their phones and cameras, and send them his way. I hope they will include a story to go along with them. I know that it will brighten his days.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Large Platter Project

 This was installation week for Jeff's platter project at the Belle Meade Retirement community in Southern Pines, NC. The resort community is undergoing a dining room renovation and Jeff was commissioned to create sixteen, 16" platters to be hung on two walls.

Hanging these was not an easy job. It took Jeff about a day and half to complete the installation. These are heavy platters and needed to be securely attached to the walls.

The design team was great to work with and the sub-contractors on site were always helpful.

Jeff is planning to go back for a final photo shoot once the furniture is installed.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Black and White

I have been talking about mixing some black slip for a few years now. I actually mixed a small amount three years ago, but didn't had enough mason stain and the results were blah. This weekend I decided to give it another try. I added 25% stain. It looks pretty black. We shall see how it fires on this test bowl, thrown with B-Mix.
This weekend I had a night to myself. Jeff went off to STARworks for the evening session of the NC Wood Fire Conference and I was feeling anti-social. I settled in on the sofa for an evening of Netflix. If you haven't seen the series "Abstact - The Art of Design", I recommend you take a look. So far I have only watched the first episode and it was very good. So good that I even took notes!
Here is a quote from the artist featured in episode one:

"It's about showing up and getting started." - Christopher Niemann