Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August in New Hampshire

August started out with a whirlwind of activity. We fired the kiln twice in one week and quickly sanded, priced, and packed it all for the road trip to New Hampshire and the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair. The good friend that we have always stayed with during the fair moved to Connecticut in the Spring, which meant we had to make a decision on accommodations. We settled on renting a tiny cabin at a campground in nearby Newport, NH. 

We had a half bath for convenience, and the campground showers were nearby and clean. It worked out well for us. Renting a place to stay was an added expense, but thankfully we did well at the show and covered the cost. It was sort of fun to come back to at night, grill some dinner, and eat on the little porch.

On the road between the campground and the fair is a pick your own blueberry farm. Jeff and I took some time one evening and picked four pounds of blueberries. The branches were heavy with berries and it took us about fifteen minutes to fill our pail.

The weather has been great, just one rainy day. Nights in the 50's and most days hovered around 70. The show is over and we are now in Wolfeboro, NH, visiting my sister and her family for a few days. It was nice to have a day off today. I think it's the first on in over a month!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Home Grown

We have tomatoes this year!
I wanted to try growing something different. These are heirloom yellow pear tomatoes. They are about the size of grape tomatoes. I have to say, they are good, but not as good as I thought they would be. Very soon we should have some "big boys"... a great tomato for a BLT. Our plants are HUGE. Taller then me. I really think that everything grows bigger in North Carolina.
The bowl that holds the tomatoes is one that Jeff salvaged a few weeks ago. It's one his that was wood fired and had cracked in two pieces. He repaired it with stone epoxy and now we have great bowl to use for ourselves. I don't even mind the crack. I think it adds character.

One week from today we will be in New Hampshire, setting up our booth for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair. Tomorrow we unload the kiln, and load it up again. One last firing before we hit the road.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We are still here...

I haven't checked in for awhile. We are still here and working hard for the final push to get to our biggest show of the year next month. Jeff threw fifty mugs the other night. He decided that I would pull the handles on all of the straight sided mugs and he would do the altered mugs. I was very hesitant about putting my handles on his mugs. He wasn't concerned a bit. I tried my best to make them look more like his. In the end they were a combination of the two!

Aside from pottery work, we are really enjoying our land this year. We have quite a few tomato plants that are just starting to give us fruit, and along with the herbs and flowers, we feel like we are super fortunate. Most of our gardening is still happening in the front yard, but Jeff has spent many evenings reclaiming the over grown back acre. Last evening Jeff took me out back to show me the maypops that are blooming out there.

This is a southern climbing vine that I was not familiar with until we moved to this house. It's also known as purple passion flower. It produces a small egg sized fruit... Jeff says it tastes like bubblegum!