Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Cautionary Tale

If you have pets, beware of this plant!

It's a dieffenbachia, also known commonly as "dumb cane." You may remember that Sophie was a sick kitty on Halloween and a trip to the vet revealed she had hyper-thyroid, but no cause could be found for her vomiting, lethargy, and refusing to eat. She was given anti-nausea drugs and within 24 hours was back to her old self.
Fast forward two weeks and we awoke again to a very sick kitty. This time the vomiting and drooling was extensive. She wouldn't stay in one place, so just imagine the mess. Never mind the fact that our house is mostly light beige carpeting. I followed her around cleaning up, bucket and carpet cleaner in hand. Eventually out came a piece of plant. Jeff identified it as the dieffenbachia! A quick google search and she had all the symptoms of plant poisoning.
Off to the vet we went. This time we came home with "pepcid" for cats along with a slurry drug to coat her mouth and throat. This plant irritates the mouth, throat, and vocal chords. It's seldom life threatening but quite painful.

Sophie is doing fine now. Her voice is still a little hoarse sounding, but other than that she is back to normal. Sophie has lived with that plant for six years and never touched it. Why she decided to start eating it now, is beyond me. Needless to say the plant now lives in the studio.

Jeff and I also bought ourselves an early Christmas gift...
A carpet cleaner.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Thursday and Friday we loaded the kiln to fire a bisque. Lots of things weren't dry so we fired very slowly. Jeff  snoozed on the sofa overnight, setting his alarm to keep checking the kiln. As soon as it's cool we will glaze and load her up again. We have orders to ship next Friday.

 Jeff created two more custom skull mugs. These are a little more cartoon-like than the last. The buyer sent photos of what they had in mind. I think this one is pretty cool!

This week we are back to piggy bank production. Since the first of December, I have take thirteen new orders. I always get a stressed when the deadline is Christmas delivery. I don't want to be the person that doesn't deliver a gift on time!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Potter's Life During the Holidays

This is my world these days. The piggy bank orders keep coming in! Lots of them are personalized and the interesting thing about this year is that many of them are for twins. As I was typing that I realized that I forgot to stamp two pigs with the names "BEN" and "MAX"... I ran out to the studio and did that right away, before they got too dry. I always enjoy learning what names are popular right now. I think I shipped 10 finished pigs this week, and assembled twenty more since yesterday afternoon. Tomorrow I am moving on to salt pigs.
While I was assembling the piggy banks, Jeff went to town hall and helped replace light bulbs in the town of Seagrove's holiday lights that line Main St. The lights will be placed on the utility poles, prior to the holiday parade this weekend. We enjoy living in town and are happy to volunteer for the community. The beautiful thing about Seagrove is that you can live in town and still enjoy a rural lifestyle.
Have I told you lately how much I love our new home and studio?