Thursday, June 7, 2018

Little Boxes - Finished!

These are my favorites out of all the boxes. Particularly the one on the left. The ash glaze was sprayed on and it worked well with the blue slip.

This one is also among my favorites, except for the fact that I knocked the edge of the rim off while getting it ready to load in the bisque kiln. I was going to scrap it, but Jeff sanded the broken area down. I guess now I get to keep it for myself.

I liked this one a lot... and then I took the lid off!

The crack goes all the way through. My guess is that I left some water inside when I closed in the form. As you may remember, these were made in one piece.

This one is my least favorite. It just doesn't do anything for me. I guess there are bound to be clunkers every so often!

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Life of Bugs

I promised a blog post about my small jars when they came out of the kiln, but I am going to wait until the last couple come out of glaze firing we did this weekend. In the meantime in between making pots, we have been spending many evenings working on our yard and gardens. We have been have a problem with bugs eating our basil and the leaves of our cone flowers. We spray with an all natural bug repellent and have had mixed results. I decided that what we needed were praying mantis!  

I ordered a habitat cub that came with to mantis pods. The cup is filled with a straw like material and the pods rest on top of it. We kept them on the peninsula in the kitchen where we could check on them a few times a day.

One pod hatched on Saturday afternoon, nineteens days after they were delivered. It's hard to see, but inside that cup are at least a hundred baby praying mantis. You have to release them within a day of hatching or they will start to eat each other. We put half on our flowers and herbs in the front of the house, the rest we released in the vegetable garden, and among the blackberries.

Sunday we could still find little babies crawling over the plants. They even seemed to have grown overnight. Now we will wait for the second pod to hatch. If we are lucky these little bug eaters will grow up and produce more over time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018


As always, there were lots of piggy banks in this firing. The copper red came out great. I had an order for one, but made two. All too often the red crawls, so I wasn't taking any chances. I was happy that both came out great. One was shipped to it's new home, the other is available in my Etsy shop.

The flower pigs are always cute.

I had mixed results with the first little boxes to be glaze fired. I will post about those as soon as all the piggy banks are packed and shipped. I think I have been wearing a path from here to the post office!