Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Post Celebration Post

I am happy to report that our last show of the year was a success. It was our best weekend in Seagrove to date. Sales were good at the Celebration of Seagrove Potters as well as at our own gallery. The added bonus was hearing that "cha-ching" on my phone alerting me to an online sale in my Etsy shop! Finally having a smartphone helped me manage my Etsy shop while I was at the show. If something sold online, I took it off the display. If it sold at the show, and was listed on Etsy, I could quickly deactivate it.


This luscious copper red and tenmoku  piggy bank came out of the kiln that we unloaded on Friday. He is a larger pig - a little over 8" long and was a special order. This is one of those times that the glaze did everything you want it to. I love how the red broke into black around the ears and snout. It ties in so well with the tenmoku belly. One side has some beautiful mottling of white/gray.
Now to see if this can be duplicated...

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Celebration Time...

The Celebration of Seagrove Potters show kicks off tonight with a preview party and an auction of collaborative pottery. The Large platter in the photo is the one that Michael Mahan, From the Ground Up Pottery, and I collaborated on. Michael threw the platter on the wheel and gave it his tree design and texture around the rim. He then delivered it to me to carve the ginkgo leaves.

When I was done, Michael, bisque fired, and then glaze fired in his kiln. I still haven't seen it in person but tonight I will get a good look at it. Keep your fingers crossed that it will bring in some big bucks!
We were able to set up our booth yesterday between 3 and 9 pm. It was such an easy set up that I keep thinking we must have forgotten to do something! I don't think the "f" word was uttered even a single time. Jeff and I were home at 7:00, and warming our soup on the wood stove.
Saturday and Sunday, Jeff will keep the gallery at home open, while I work the booth at the show. Last year it was a winning situation for us so why mess it up with a change.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Shop Handmade

Etsy has been a very good selling venue for me. It isn't my sole source of income, by a long stretch, but it gives both Jeff and I a steady stream of funds. Since I encourage people to shop on Etsy, I feel that I should do the same. Whenever I need a gift for someone I always browse Etsy first.
Even for my Sophie.

This sweet little kitty has been by my side for thirteen years, through thick and thin. Since she was a wee little kitten I have been buying her unique collars. This year I discovered "Furocious Kitty" on Etsy. They have the most adorable collars for cats and kittens. They all come with either bells or charms, as well as an alternative bell/charm if your cat (or you) can't handle the "jingle". Sophie has a lady bug collar and a Halloween collar. Today her holiday collar arrived!

These collars are so well made. The clasps are "break-a-way" so if kitty gets caught on something it will un-hook. The material feels smooth and not at all "scratchy"... I despise scratchy feeling fabric so I wouldn't even want my cat to wear something scratchy. Jeff wants me to switch out the snowman for the snowflake bell. I really like the snowman... although the bell is a little too jingly. I may silence the snowman by prying out the jingly thing because I think it's too cute not to keep it on!
I am not one to rush into the Christmas season so Sophie won't be sporting her new collar until after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving weekend. ;-)