Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Whirlwind Weekend

 Jeff's trip to Mungyeong, S. Korea for the Chasabal Festival, was rescheduled and his flight left yesterday. We had so much to do before he got on that plane!

 The wood kiln at David Stuempfle's was unloaded. Aside from the big beauties, Jeff had some sweet tea bowls to take to the Chasabal festival.

I didn't have too many pots in this firing. A few mugs, a couple of pigs, and some rattles.

For some strange reason my camera wants to give the background a pink tinge. If I photograph them upright, no tinge. It must be a reflection of the peachy color. No matter how much I messed with the lighting and white boards, I couldn't get rid of it. I did some adjusting in iPhoto, but it sure didn't fix it. Jeff will have to work his photo shop magic on it if I can't get a good photo.

These are the best of the rattles. Many of them got so blasted with ash that the Japanese Maple leaf was obliterated. I had some little wall pockets that also had the leaves obliterated, to be expected when fired for 5 days.

This cup has some nice effects. I wish it had been turned a little bit to one side so that the mishima had the honey color and the side had the ash blast. That's the chance you take with wood firing, and I am still happy with the cup.

After Jeff helped with the wood kiln unloading on Saturday, we finished up some pots in progress, loaded the bisque kiln and fired it. Sunday morning we got up, glazed the pots, loaded the gas kiln and had that firing at around 3:30pm. Jeff then threw 30 pig bodies for me to assemble while he is gone. He stayed up until the wee hours of the morning firing the gas kiln, and packing for his trip. Luckily he had a 12:30 flight out of Greensboro, so he did get a couple hours of sleep and thankfully he is usually able to sleep during the long flight. I haven't talked to him yet, but did get a text early this morning that he was in Seoul and looking for his bus. He will spend a couple of days in Seoul at a guest house with his Minnesota potter friend, Lee Love, before they both head to the festival. I am hoping for some new brushes from one of those fabulous shops in the Insa-dong neighborhood of Seoul. My consolation prize for holding the fort down here.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Southern Pines in Autumn

Jeff and I drove to Southern Pines today and packed up our show at the Campbell House Gallery. We were very happy with the positive responses to our work and the sales that backed it up.

While Jeff went back into the gallery for one final sweep, I snapped some photos of the surrounding gardens.

 It's truly an amazing setting that epitomizes the beauty of North Carolina.

I am not sure if I like the magnolia blossoms best, or the seed pods that come in Autumn...

I always say that I wish I could hang on to fall and make it last for 12 months, but then it wouldn't be so special would it?

Monday, September 22, 2014

and the door is down...

Front stack, minus Jeff's re-fired tea bowls that he snuck out before the door was completely down (note empty space on bottom shelf).

The back stack... some wasted space at the top but we needed to get a sink order out as well as a few smaller orders. I haven't taken the big bowl out yet. I am waiting for Jeff to get home from his wood kiln stoking shift. I still try to baby my shoulder from extended reaches for heavy things.

I was holding my breath for this pig as a cow order. The last one came out HIDEOUS. The nuka glaze obliterated the lettering as well as the "pink" on the snout and inner ears... the black spots bubbled in many places, the underglaze was too thick.

 For the second attempt I applied white slip to the entire pig when it was leather hard. After it was bisque fired I applied the underglaze and then glazed the whole thing with Temple White. I slipped the pig because the Temple White glaze is translucent and would have made the pig look more gray than white.

I was excited but hesitant to take this piggy bank order. I thought it was a fun idea, but many underglazes burn out at ^10-11. I made it clear to the buyer that I don't electric fire and that I didn't have an underglaze that would fire to a true pink. I am happy with the final result. I hope that she is too.