Saturday, April 19, 2008

back in the studio!

the snow is FINALLY gone here in new hampshire...there are still a few lingering dirty snowbanks but for the most part it is GONE! for the past week we have had some days that the temps have crept up to the mid 70's. i opened the windows in the studio to the let the warm air in and threw pots for the first time since november. i was really afraid i had forgotten how to throw ;-)...but all came back to me. i got to work making the parts for some new basket pots that i have been thinking about. i covered them well and hope that they will be the right consistency to assemble when i can get back in there tomorrow. perhaps i will take my camera along and get some pics of work in progress.
after the long snowy winter the warm spring air brings the promise of long relaxing summer days

and we will savour every moment of it.

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