Sunday, September 27, 2009

today the rain makes me happy :-)

i don't very often say that rain makes me happy... BUT... i was almost out of water at the studio. as i have mentioned in previous posts my studio is charming yet primitive. i don't have the luxury of running water. i collect rain water off of the roof using a gutter and a homemade rain barrel. the good thing about no plumbing is that i don't ever have to worry about clay clogged drains!
when i get into the studio later today my rain barrel should be full to the top

notice that i do have the luxury of a spigot!

to keep mosquitos from breeding i add hydrogen peroxide to the barrel... i also pour the water through a glaze sieve into a 5 gal. bucket... a few teaspoons of bleach and i have some nice clean water...wouldn't want to drink it but it's just fine for throwing pots and making glazes!

my studio is the space behind the pumpkins

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