Friday, September 23, 2011

ant or aunt?

we are having company from NH this weekend... our good friend Roni Brown. Jeff likes to call her his adopted Ant Roni, (he says Ant, i say Aunt) since they share the same last name. Roni is a potter and we are looking forward to showing her around the 'grove. we told Roni to summon up her pioneer spirit, since she will be spending the next three days in our rustic home.

one of the good things about having a guest for the weekend is that it forces me to really straighten up the log cabin...

my desk hasn't looked this organized in months! i give it about 2 weeks and it will be back to disarray.

and since we have an abundance of apples i decided to splurge and bake a pie...
the best way to bring customers into the shop is to have a pie that is just about ready to come out of the oven... luckily they made a purchase AND the pie was still okay when i got back to the kitchen.

after Jeff collects Roni from the airport in Greensboro, they are headed to the Super G mart to pick up the goods to make a yummy Asian influenced meal tonight. Super G is a cool Asian/International market and it's always an adventure. can't wait to see what they come home with!

Happy Weekend To All!


  1. Have a good weekend; that pie looks delicious; I like your computer screen

  2. My mouth is watering - pretty pie!


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