Sunday, July 8, 2012

24 hours

Our friend Rob was visiting from Murfreesboro, NC and asked us if we would go to Asheville with him. His friend Leigh Anne has a solo exhibition of her paintings at the Flood Gallery and the reception was last night. We really had no business leaving town, with a big show coming up, but with this oppressive heat who could say no to a trip north? and I had NEVER been to Asheville!
Rob (also a potter) generously helped us out in the studio for two days so that we could hit the road. At 2:00 on Saturday we packed our bags, closed the shop, and we were off on an adventure.
The gallery is on Roberts St., next door to the Wedge building. This old building is home to various artist studios, as well as a craft brewery. So of course the first stop was for a couple of beers on a hot afternoon...

Rob, Leigh Anne, Shelley - a fun group to hang with!

very cool railing along the walkway, leading the Wedge Brewing Co....

and look... Rob found Element Ceramic - Design Studio!

Mexican Style Korean food?

Back at the Flood Gallery... Floor to Ceiling - Leigh Anne Chambers

All of these works are painted on linoleum... as in linoleum you would put on your floor! Leigh Anne incorporates the imprinted design of the linoleum in these paintings. In some, the linoleum was left uncovered in areas, I think if you click on the photos to enlarge, you can see how well that works into the painting. Most are VERY large, although I do think the grouping of six is my favorite. The show runs through July 31st. If you have the opportunity to visit Asheville, you really should check it out.

Then it was time for a night on the town. We started off with a yummy dinner and drinks at The Market Place... then a walk through the streets.

 we looked in the window, but didn't go in... maybe Rob did.
(but only to buy a lighter)

 I think Jeff is explaining the wonderful qualities of Himalayan salt to Rob
The shop window was filled with salt lamps

Next trip we will do breakfast here, heard it's really good.

 We wanted to go to Jack of the Wood to hear Shovels & Rope but couldn't get in. We ended the night with music and drinks at Tressa's instead. After a few hours of sleep at the Holiday Inn we hit the road for home. 
It was a whirlwind 24 hours, but man did we have fun!


  1. What a great trip, love the contemporary paintings. I've never been to Asheville either, one of these days.

  2. It's always fun to explore new places and new things! Great time it sounds like!

  3. Asheville is such a great place, nice that you were able to escape the heat and have some fun! Now that you know how to get there, take a trip in the fall. Did you get to see any of the other galleries in town or the River District?

  4. Tracey, I wish we had time to see more. We literally left just after 2:00 pm and were home 24 hours later. We walked along Roberts St. then went into town for dinner, drinks & music.
    It was still pretty hot there too but it felt good to get away. I hope we can get back there in the fall and have a couple of days to gallery hop.

  5. Sometimes a short break away from it all refreshes the brain and body. Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Looking forward to N.H in august. I haven't seem either of my brothers in ages!

  6. closed early! that is living on the edge! Wicked!
    Asheville is the place to be these days.

  7. Smartcat... cant' wait to meet up in August! and I am anxious to see my family as well.

    Meredith- it was so strange. We don't usual get customers until around noon. On Saturday we had a steady stream from 9:45, before we were officially open (yes I sold pots in my snoopy pyjamas)until around 2:00. Then we did it... closed early!
    and you said Wicked... I hardly hear that since leaving New England!
    We had a WICKED good time in Asheville and can't wait to go back!

  8. Asheville is a wicked good time!! I love going back to NH and hearing wicked used so much. So many great places up there, you definitely need to back. There are so many good restaurants, and Tupelo Honey is great for breakfast, as is Early Girl. Isn't it great to see biz picking back up in Seagrove? Sat was a good day!

  9. Thanks for taking us on your trip to Asheville. I would never turn down a chance to go there.

  10. Sounds like a great time! I've never been to North Carolina (except the airport changing flights)...I MUST get there one day~ I mean week !!

  11. Hi Michele, I am checking put your blog. It's so cool!! I love the pics and comments. Your pottery is gorgeous! I had such a fun time hanging out with the potters in Asheville, & hope to see you & Jeff on another adventure weekend! Shelley

  12. Hi Michele, I am checking put your blog. It's so cool!! I love the pics and comments. Your pottery is gorgeous! I had such a fun time hanging out with the potters in Asheville, & hope to see you & Jeff on another adventure weekend! Shelley


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