Thursday, July 12, 2012

please dance lightly...

We have been needing rain desperately and I think that all of us in Seagrove have been doing the rain dance.
Maybe we all danced a little too much.

Yesterday afternoon the skies opened up and it rained cats & dogs, and maybe even cows. It rained so hard that it looked like a river was running between the studio and the house. In no time at all we had a fast flowing stream running through one half of the studio! It brought with it a whole lot of silt and muck... the water that was coming in had run across the corn field next door, over our leach field and into the studio. Needless to say it didn't smell very good :-(.

Jeff ran outside with a shovel and started digging a trench along the studio and house to divert the water. I stayed inside and moved all the bags of glaze materials to drier ground.
When the rain stopped we had quite a mess in the studio and some water in our kitchen as well. The kitchen was an easy clean up... the water did not come from over the leach field so it was a matter of using the wet vac and running some fans to dry things out quickly.

The studio was another story. We had to hose down the concrete floor and suck up the mucky water. The we gave it a spray of bleach and water to disinfect it and one more wash down. We didn't get finished until around 10:00 pm.

On the bright side... it wasn't 100 degrees AND one half of the studio floor is now really clean.

This little piggy is now in the Etsy shop. I like this combo of shino with a turquoise belly. I hope he finds a new home soon.


  1. we are dancing a bit lighter today. It was a LOT of rain.
    Hope the next one is lighter!

  2. Great two tone pig. We had some rain, but we need more, we get torential rainstorms like that, sounds like you need some french drains around the buildings for the future, glad the clean up wasn't too bad still I know a lot of work unxpected can put things behind.

  3. Never rains but.....! Aren't you glad you were home? Good that you saved your glaze supplies.

  4. Ohh, noo :(
    Sorry to hear of your flooding situation, that bites.... The ground is so freaking dry and hard as a rock, no wonder the rain just ran. Glad to hear you got it cleaned up without too much damage. We still have not had rain (28 days) and worry about the exact situation you dealt with...
    Now, get some rest!!

  5. Oh Man what a mess! Hope it didn't set you back too much. Wish you could some water our way. Going on 2.5 to 3 weeks without a good rain.

  6. Love that 2 tone pig! That turquoise looks great on its belly!

  7. That does not sound like fun at all but I'm really happy to know it wasn't much, much worse and that you all are okay. We had a tree come down in a storm on Monday night. It took out the power and part of the fence but it too could have been much worse. We are so fortunate,


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