Saturday, August 11, 2012

a special message

I have spent much of this week taking a break from the internet. The the craftsmen's fair has filled our days and whatever energy that was left in the evening is spent connecting with friends or crashing at our hosts home with a glass of wine and some reading.
Tonight I took a quick look through of some of the blogs I follow and noticed that Alyssa, who owns a tea shoppe in NH, did a blog post about the fair. Alyssa carried John's work in her shop.
Her post this evening made me catch my breath.



  1. what a great post and tribute to John.

  2. I went over and had a read, what a wonderful post about someone you cared so much about. You must have cried through the entire post. I almost did :)

  3. What a thoughtful and loving tribute. How cool is it that Alyssa recognized John's influence in another potter's work.

    Hope the week has been profitable with not too much rain!

  4. Mike told me he was so glad to meet you at the fair, you are a sweetheart :)

  5. Wow, what a thoughtful article, how sweet of her.


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