Sunday, September 30, 2012

"the untitled post" (I just couldn't think of one)

I haven't been very productive in clay for the last three days. Actually the correct wording should be that I have been NON-PRODUCTIVE in clay. My time has been spent  working three consecutive days at the Co-op in town. I prefer to split up my days there, three in a row wears on me. On a good note I did get some online work done for two organizations that I volunteer for... as well as some of the angel ornaments. After a day at the Co-op I just don't feel like coming home and working in the studio so I opted for cooking dinner, photographing work, and getting some reading in.

Remember the cake stands?

 I finally glazed and fired one. They are a pain to glaze, but I am happy to report that they didn't warp in the glaze firing. I think bisque firing them upside down helped as well.

I have one more ready to be glazed and fired and if I don't experience any warping I am willing to commit to making more. I have this one listed on Etsy and clicking on the second photo will take you there. I struggled with pricing... of course on Etsy they are priced all over the place. Really nice ones, over a $100, some fairly nice ones for $30 +/-... and crappy ones from $25 - $100!
I settled on $75.

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone is doing exactly what they want to. I am going to get my hands on some clay!


  1. Oh those came out great, why are they a pain to glaze because of the carving? Since I hand brush my glazes whenever I have a piece with texture, it's hard to get the glaze to get in all the crevices and not miss a spot.

    Thanks for the tip on bisque firing them upside down I think I'll try that on mine next time.

  2. shino has to go on first - the inside of the bottom gets shino poured in and out, then I dip the pedestal into the the bucket up to an inch + on the rim of the top. I carefully touch up any misses spots under the plate.
    Next the top is dipped into the green, to about a 1/4 inch to the bottom of the overhang (in a perfect world).
    Next time I may wax an area on lower rim of the plate for a more even line.

  3. Yikes that's a lot of steps, I have read about shino first or suffer the curs. All your glazing effort seems well worth it though, the glaze transitions are seamless and wonderful.

  4. I did a shino over a tenmoko glaze once on a test tile, and it blew fantastic bubbles. The cake stand looks great. Pricing is so difficult isn't it!

  5. These look terrific and totally worth $75 especially considering the work you put into them.

  6. Beautiful work! I always bisque my cake stands upside down too I think it helps with the weight of the stand pushing downwards on the plate part if that makes sense!


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