Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is here...

and I am happy to welcome it! September was a really slow sales month for us and I am hoping that things will pick up now. At the end of the month we are heading to New Hampshire with our traveling raku kiln to do a few workshops. One at Hillsboro High School and two more at Sally Cornwall's studio in Wolfeboro. My sister lives in Wolfeboro so we will spend most of the week with her. As I have mentioned before, my sister and I share the same birthday - October 27th, so we will be together to celebrate!

Here we are in '62, on my first birthday and her 5th

On another good note, this piece sold from our gallery yesterday...

When I made this covered dish I wasn't happy with it. I had to really fuss with the lid to get it to fit right. I wasn't going to fire it but Jeff said he liked and thought that I should. Even when it first came out the kiln I wasn't excited about it, but it sort of grew on me. I didn't put it in the gallery until last week and it already has a new home.

I'll leave you with a small ginkgo leaf cup that came out of the wood firing at David Stuempfle's last month...


  1. Sweet young photos, how long ago that was. I am glad we are getting a small amount of cooler weather here and some rain. I am not surprised the casserole sold, no telling what pottery officinados will like, so often it is completely different than what I think or am happy with.

  2. Those tumblers are so fantastic!!!!!
    My husband's birthday is Oct 26, fellow scorpios, huh?
    Man, you guys are putting some miles on the interstate! At least it's a beautiful drive most of the way!

  3. Don't you love it when a piece you aren't really sure about sells so quickly. It just makes you want to rethink how you feel about your own work. What grows on us can be love at first sight for someone else.

  4. Lori, and isn't it funny when the pots we LOVE sit on the shelves for months!

  5. good planning on your parents end, saves on cake! That is cool to share a birthday with your sister.
    Sweet pot- they will enjoy it.

  6. Meredith - the cake thing has been an ongoing joke on our birthday. I like a white cake, my sister likes chocolate. My Mom made two cakes for years. Then when we were adults she tried to pare it down to one and could never remember that I didn't care for chocolate and alway made that. Finally, one year my daughter said "My mom doesn't like chocolate", and the next year she made a marble cake... and we both said "Ick!".
    I think she gave up on the cake thing after that!


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