Sunday, February 24, 2013

a little fun with porcelain...

A little cake decorating influence? 

I had a little fun with porcelain this week and these were two of the results...

Kristen Keiffer meets Maureen Mills!

Not sure about how I will glaze these. Perhaps they will be ladies in waiting for a wood firing. Which would be my preference if I am patient.

The weather was great today. I spent much of it outdoors, preparing and loading pots for a bisque firing. I feel like spring is imminent... I even ordered some new light weight (but hopefully sturdy), studio shoes online today... my getting older feet just can't handle working in flip flops anymore!


  1. You look like you have had fun with the slip trailing as well! :)

  2. Those ladies are quite sweet. I can't wear any shoes but my old black clod hoppers by Dr. Scholl's; I used to love going barefoot, but not even in the house now. It's hard to find any shoes nowadays that have any support especially in the arch, unless they cost an arm and leg.

  3. They came out nicely! Sunday was a beautiful day wasn't it. These early warm days are hard to resist. I washed rugs outdoors all day.

  4. When I first saw them I thought about Kristen Keiffer then I scrolled down and saw the title and had a good laugh. The one towards the front has such attitude, she does need to go in the wood, she seems fiery.

  5. Great slip trail work...and oh la la, such shapes! Love em!


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