Friday, February 8, 2013

Treasures of the Earth - Opening

Last night the Treasures of the Earth Pottery Sale and Exhibition opened at the Cleveland County Arts Council in Shelby, NC. It's a unique exhibition as the artists set up their own displays and leave them there for the entire month. The reception was well attended, despite the pouring rain. There were quite a few red dots by the end of the night and we felt we were off to good start.

Ron Philbeck's display is across from us. It was nice to see his new pots in person, for more about them click here.

We unloaded the kiln the night before the show. It was a good firing and there was no time to take photos before some of the pots were sanded, priced, and boxed. I have quite a few of the blue and shino flower bowls with handles. What didn't go to the show will get listed on Etsy this weekend.

The square soap dishes came out great. I am using a new wax and was a little worried about the rims.

I had a few ginkgo leaf vases in this firing, I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this one.

It was fun to leave town for the day. Jeff and I have rarely left the home and studio since before the holidays. If you are in or nearby Shelby, NC be sure to stop in at the Cleveland Arts Council to see Treasures of the Earth, info about the show is over there on the right sidebar.

Today it's back to everyday life. We have enough pots glazed to load and fire the kiln again this week.


  1. Oh I wish you could have gotten some close ups of those too, that ginkgo vase is wonderful, well all of them are, have a great show; looks like a nice place to show and sell pottery.

  2. What a great idea for a show. Thanks for the photos of all the great pots. Hope it's a great month for all!


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