Friday, March 1, 2013

worlds largest burrito...

You have to agree that this thing is gargantuan!

Jeff and I are playing hosts this weekend to our friend Wendy from NH and her friend AnnMarie who is a student in Raleigh, NC. Wendy and AnnMarie are attending the NC Potters Conference in Asheboro. Last night there was an opening reception for the conference exhibition and afterwards we decided to get some mexican food and a few margarita's at Burrito Brothers. When the waiter brought AnnMarie's vegetarian burrito we all fell into a fit of laughter. It was big enough to feed a family of four. She put her best effort into it, and brought the rest back to our house... perhaps she can have a midnight snack tonight.

Jeff is working at the conference today and tomorrow so I had the studio all to myself.

I dreamed about making these flower design baskets a few days ago. I took it as a sign that I should created them in real life. I liked them better in the dream. One ended up in the slop bucket.

Jeff recycled some clay the other night and threw a couple of pig bodies to test it out. I decided to turn them into sitting pigs. The piggy banks are still selling well in my Etsy shop and I thought it would be a good time to mix them up a little bit. Etsy has changed how you can advertise within the site now. It's like facebook ads, you can promote certain parts of your shop and set a weekly budget. I started to experiment with it and so far it has paid off. I also like that you can start and stop your ads at anytime... no big commitments. Etsy has definitely helped us get through the slower winter months. I am happy with the steady increase in sales and I like that I can do it from the comfort of my living room, with a warm fire burning in the wood stove.


  1. Those vases are great, can't imagine which one had to go in the slop bucket, and the pigs are sitting cause they're fat from eating overly large burritos

  2. That's not a burrito; it's a burro!

    I too am curious about which one went in the bucket. To have particular criteria for pots, or is it instinct?

  3. I kept those two... there was a third that got the slop bucket. I wasn't happy with the handle cut outs.

  4. Nice burrito! Enough for three meals!

    The baskets are pretty~ maybe they are just a step to something else? Dreams can do that you know...!!

    Have a good week~


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