Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jeff was smoking on Sunday...

Barbecue that is!
As I mentioned in a previous post, Jeff can cook. One of his specialties is barbecue (he is a southern boy after all). The fabulous weather and a really good sale on Boston Butt pork roast (.99 lb.), inspired Jeff to fire up the smoker on Sunday. I know I always brag about his barbecue... I think it's the BEST!

This is truly meat heaven.

Pulled pork sandwiches, slaw, salad, and yes... those are hushpuppies, made by this here Yankee. Confession time; I cheated and used a mix. Yummy just the same. I didn't even know that hushpuppies were anything but a brand of shoe until a few years ago!

pottery identification (because I know you ALL want to know):

cup - Jeff Brown

coaster under cup - Jeff Brown

Plate - David Orser

Bowl - Michael Kline


  1. This may be my favorite meal and there's nothing like fresh home smoked pork.I like to use cherry wood. It gives a yummy flavor.

  2. Dennis- Jeff added some hickory this time. I think this was the best smoked pork he has done (I think I say that every time!). Then there's the homemade barbecue sauce... delicious.

  3. I love the hickory for smoking, we first had hickory BBQ in Arkansas and they made some ribs in one of those large barrel shaped smokers and smoked it all day long. The meat literally fell off the bone and didn't even need sauce, I am just imagining what Jeff's pulled pork tastes like and it's 'makin me real hungre'

  4. we smoked some local pork about a week ago it is so good!

  5. we used hickory and apple - the apple wood is my favorite.


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