Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wood firing out at the farm...

No time for blogging these past few days. Jeff and I were back and forth between Seagrove and Carthage, firing with Prissy (Ouida) Newell in her big wood kiln.

Jeff fired overnight on Sunday after loading all day. The two of us took the night shift from 11:00 pm Monday till 5:30 am Tuesday. We slept a few hours at Prissy's then got up and helped with the last shift. The kiln was done and getting "clammed up" around 8:00 pm Tuesday.

Can you see one of my pigs getting roasted in there? He is on the shelf to the left. He should be nice and toasty, being right behind the firebox.

Prissy's barn/kiln shed is AMAZING! It's HUGE! The kiln is on the opposite end of these windows. On this end she has room to host workshops and during the festival that she is hosting next weekend, some artists will set up their booths inside.

antique wood stove detail

When Prissy isn't making pots, she is an antique dealer, auctioneer, and builder... hence lots of cool things to look at in her kiln shed. This chandelier is just one of many, hanging from the beams. Jeff has dubbed it the Steampunk Kiln Shed.

Jeff, side stoking

We are going to unload this big kiln during the Clay on Fire Art Festival this Saturday, June 8th. Festival goers will have the opportunity to buy warm pots, fresh from the kiln. There will be quite a few potters from Seagrove and surrounding areas, along with other craft vendors, as well.  Raku firing, pottery demos, and live music, are all part of the fun. I have all the info in the right side bar of the blog, in the events section. If you aren't too far away, come out to Carthage for the day. Heck, if you are far away, it will be worth the trip!


  1. I always enjoy a well roasted pig!

    That is some space. I wish I were closer. Somehow I just can't make it work out as a day trip.

    Toes crossed for great weather and all good stuff.

  2. That looks like a really cool kiln shed for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the firing. Take some pictures before everything sells.

  3. What a great place !I've got my toes crossed for a good opening.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished pots.

  5. GOTTA see that particular pig when she comes out :)

  6. oh darn looks like I'll be one or two weeks short of making it up there, have a good one, love that chandelier. I could live in that kiln shed.

  7. Amazing kiln shed, what fun! Hope the firing is a great success.

  8. That is one amazing barn/kiln shed!! The labor involved in wood firings overwhelms me...but I melt when I see those warm, toasty pots ;) Please post photos of your results!

  9. Wow, that does look worth a visit! Will see if I can wrangle Joseph into coming by there.


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