Tuesday, October 13, 2015


This morning I was reading Ben Putnam's blog post about "sketchbook practice". At the end of the post is a link to a sketchbook practice project that he did some time ago. Ben had approached me about participating and sadly I had to decline. I have been terrible about keeping a sketchbook. I realized when he asked me, that the only time I have regularly kept up with one, was when I have been part of an art journal group. I have a collection of sketchbooks of varying types. Most have lots of blank pages with postcards, letters, and newspaper clippings tucked in between. Right now I can't even find my favorite one, the one that probably has more sketches in it than any other. I am sure it is tucked in a box in the office, which is a horrid mess right now. Someday it will get unpacked and organized. Someday I will get in the habit of keeping a sketchbook.
But not until this studio move is complete. Until then, there is no creativity happening here.
Just manual labor.


  1. It isn't easy moving. We've been here a little over a year and a half and I still haven't found my sketch books which I like to look back on, and also my pottery books, I am sure they are in one of the closets in a box. I need to drag them out because if I sketch on a piece of typing paper, they get tossed. I have two sketches right now sitting beside the computer. In Florida I had my sketch book right on my table and I could grab it quickly when an idea came to me and one by the bedside table. I found that was a good way to keep to regular input of sketching.

  2. Moving certainly upends your life! Sometimes you just have slog through the gut work to get to the creative stuff.
    I'm still looking for two of my good baking sheets that I packed when I sold my 'back house'!
    Toes crossed that the studio is up and running soon!

  3. I often promise myself that I’m going to start sketching regularly. I’m such a liar.


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